His Excellency Edward Turay’s visit to Finland November: 11 – 13, 2015

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

His Excellency visited the Department of Africa and Middle East of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to thank Finland for its generous support during the Ebola epidemic. Altogether, the Finnish Foreign Ministry awarded over 10 million euros to curb the outbreak of EVD. Most of these funds were directed to the international Ebola fund (over 7 million €), while over 2.3 million were directed to Finnish Red Cross to support their work in Sierra Leone.

IMG_0612 From far right: Mrs. Gisela Blumenthal (Senior Health Adviser, Ministry for Foreign affairs), Mrs. Tellervo Ala-Lehtimäki, (Desk officer, Ministry for Foreign Affairs), and Mr. Kari Alanko, (Deputy Director, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Department of Africa and Middle East).

From left: Mrs. Susanna Bairoh (SLOF Ebola Campaign Manager, Mr. Mohamed Mansaray (SLOF Executive), and H. E. Edward Turay.