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Sierra Leone Delegation Visiting Finland in June

A delegation from Sierra Leone took part in the first international Civil Society and Inclusivity Conference last week in Helsinki. The conference was organized by Finn Church Aid, Finnish Foreign Ministry and UNDP, and the delegates represented fragile states such as Afganistan, Somalia and Sierra Leone. SLOF was invited to meet the delegates and participate in the evening program as representatives of the Sierra Leone Diaspora in Finland. SLOF executives also had a separate meeting with the delegates to discuss co-operation.


The Sierra Leone delegation was led by Hon. PC Sheku A.T. Fasuluku Sonsiama III, here with conference organizer Mr. Jussi Ojala from Finn Church Aid.


SLOF executives participated in the welcoming dinner on June 16th in Helsinki. From left: Mr. Mohamed Mansaray (SLOF), Mr. John Bairoh (SLOF), Hon. PC Fasuluku, Mr. Milton (UNDP Sierra Leone) and Mrs. Susanna Bairoh (SLOF).


SLOF organized a meeting for the delegates and SLOF executives on June 18th in Otalampi to tell about the Ebola campaign and other SLOF activities as well as to discuss potential co-operation in the future.


Members of Sierra Leone delegation and SLOF executives. From left: Ms. Sia, Hon. PC Fasuluku, Mrs. Susanna Bairoh (SLOF), Mr. John Bairoh (SLOF), Ms. Shellac Davies, Mr. Franklyn Kamara (SLOF), and Mohamed Mansaray (SLOF).


All joined hands to assist in developing Sierra Leone!