His Excellency Edward Turay’s visit to Finland November: 11 – 13, 2015

Finn Church Aid

Finn Church Aid is the biggest donor of development aid among Finnish NGOs. It has been active in Liberia and Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak. Mr. Jussi Ojala has been acting as the Executive Representative towards Ebola Response at Finn Church Aid. Moreover, Mr. Ojala has been responsible for organizing programs related to fragile states in recent years, and Finland has been co-chairing the international fragile states program with H.E. Kaifalah Marah of Sierra Leone. His Excellency thanked Mr. Ojala and Finn Church Aid for their efforts and also discussed Sierra Leone’s prospects as a fragile state. Discussion continues regarding potential cooperation projects in the future.


Facing left: Mr. Jussi Ojala (Senior Advisor & Ebola Representative, Finn Church Aid), Dr. Eva-Marita Rinne-Koistinen (Senior Adviser, Finn Church Aid). From right: Mr. Mohamed Mansaray (SLOF Executive). H. E. Edward Turay, Mr. John Bairoh (SLOF Chairman).


From right: Mr. John Bairoh (SLOF Chairman), His Excellency Edward Turay, Dr. Eva-Marita Rinne-Koistinen, (Senior Adviser, Finn Church Aid), Mr. Jussi Ojala (Senior Adviser, Finn Church Aid), Mrs. Susanna Bairoh (SLOF Ebola Campaign Manager), and Mr. Mohamed Mansaray (SLOF Executive).