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”Operation Hope” – Clothes and Hospital Equipment to Sierra Leone

SLOF organized a collection of used clothes and hospital equipment to Sierra Leone in October – November 2014 as part of its Ebola Campaign. The collection was named Operation Hope. Friends, neighbors, partners and colleagues were asked to participate in the campaign.

The money required to send the container to Sierra Leone was also collected as part of the project.

We gratefully thank all the donors of clothes, equipment and money!



Daddy-mobile_SLOF 075

Empty container ready to be loaded with goods (November 5, 2014).



Daddy-mobile_SLOF 082

Jukka Räsänen and Frank Kamara bring the first batch of clothes and other items.



Daddy-mobile_SLOF 093

Lots more space still to fill in…



Daddy-mobile_SLOF 106

Bags of clothes can even be carried two at the time.




Daddy-mobile_SLOF 187

Sorted used clothes are waiting on the shelves of the warehouse.



Daddy-mobile_SLOF 194

Trailer turns out to be very useful.




Hospital equipment is documented carefully.




Daddy-mobile_SLOF 215

Again the car and trailer are loaded with goods, next trip to the container can start.




Donated hospital equipment was directed to Makeni hospital.



Daddy-mobile_SLOF 207

Donated items include clothes to doctors, nurses and patients.




Donated goods are brought in several batches and therefore help is needed in loading the container.





All space is used as efficiently as possible.



Looking good, notes John Bairoh.



Daddy-mobile_SLOF 235

Bags filled with used clothes are ready to be picked up from a warehouse.



More clothes to Ebola victims and their families can still fit in.




John Bairoh (left) and Frank Kamara congratule each other of a successful project. In the middle Susanna Bairoh, the happy Ebola Campaign Manager.




SLOF executives in front of the container from left: Foday Mansaray (Vice Chairman), Susanna Bairoh (Ebola Campaign Manager), John Bairoh (Chairman) and Franklyn Kamara (General Secretary).




Is there still space, wonders Frank Kamara.





Finally, it is full!





Frank Kamara seals the container (November 18, 2014).




Container is ready to be shipped, confirms John Bairoh (November 18, 2014).

London Mission Dispatch Relief Containers for Ebola

The first of ten 40ft containers of relief items for Ebola victims in Sierra Leone dispatched by the Sierra Leone High Commission in London will leave the United Kingdom for Sierra Leone this weekend, reports Sorie Sudan Sesay in London.

16.11.2014 1

His Excellency Edward Turay (2nd from left) was present during the loading of the container at Bedfordshire on Thursday November 13th.

Relief items including food, provisions, mattresses and other useful household goods worth thousands of British pound sterling, were donated to the people of Sierra Leone for people affected by the Ebola virus disease by the Into The Light Ministry at Bedfordshire in the outskirts of London.

This was the outcome of a widespread public appeal by Sierra Leone’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom His Excellency Edward Mohamed Turay, to the Sierra Leonean Diaspora Community and friends of Sierra Leone for support to victims affected by the Ebola virus disease which has claimed hundreds of lives not only in Sierra Leone but also around the Sub-region.

16.11.2014 2

The High Commissioner said he was delighted that Pastor Kaye and his Ministry were quick to respond to his call for support to Ebola victims at these difficult trying times in the country’s history. The head of the Ministry Pastor Colin Kaye said they have a 270 sq ft warehouse facility and they receive lots of tons of food and other valuables every week which they give out to people in need as part of their mission to help people around the world.

“We just want to see how best we can help the people of Sierra Leone during this difficult time,” said Kaye, who also disclosed that his Ministry is committing itself to give out 40ft container of relief items every month to Sierra Leone. He said the furniture and other housed items will help those families whose homes have been devastated and quarantined as a result of the Ebola and called on the authorities to ensure that the items reach the targeted people.

Managing Director of Presidential award winning Shipping Company Mount Aureol Shipping Agency Tunji Lightfoot Taylor, said his company has offered to ship the containers free of charge as part of their humanitarian contribution to Sierra Leone. Tunji called on other humanitarian organisations to come to the rescue of his country during this difficult period.

The next container of mainly food items including rice will be loaded for dispatch in two weeks time.

Source: Sierra Leone High Commission, London

Surviving Ebola is Possible

Tuesday was a happy day in Kenema’s Ebola treatment center. Sierra Leonean Mamie Yongai was released to go home after defeating the virus.

16.11.2014 3

Mamie Yongai’s husband and most people from the same house in Freetown died of the Ebola virus disease. Mamie came to the Red Cross Ebola treatment center in Kenema together with his sister-in-law.

Red Cross gave Mamie food, money, kitchen utilities, oil and a matress. She was also given new clothes because the old clothes of Ebola patients have to be burnt in order to avoid spreading the disease. However, most important was the certificate given by the treatment center, proving that Mamie has been cured.

16.11.2014 4

Mamie Yongai returns to Freetown where her children are waiting for her.

Read more (in Finnish):

Operation Hope

Operation Hope is a project set up by SLOF Ebola Campaign Team. The purpose of this charity project is to give back and help people in our country (Sierra Leone) and to help families and friends who have survived from the EVD and lost bread winners.

It is one of our values and mission to support those who are in need in times of sickness and emergency. In order to meet our values and mission, we are providing service to our fellow Sierra Leoneans back home. We rely on the generosity of individuals in the Sierra Leone community and friends in Finland for support. We would like you to donate old clothes and shoes to our Ebola Sierra Leone Charity initiative organized by SLOF ry.

Please, to read more about the operation, click the link below


Operation Hope

Delivery Place and Time

Place: Pakilantie 11, Helsinki (nearby Maunulan Ostoskeskus)

Time: 12:00 -17:00

Date: 5th of November 2014

Contact Phone: 040 838 9651 (Mr. Franklyn Kamara)

Pakilantie 11