SLOF & Finnish Red Cross Ebola Campaign for Sierra Leone

SLOF ry has launched its separate Ebola campaign with Finnish Red Cross in raising funds for Ebola. The money collected by SLOF members is earmarked for Sierra Leone Ebola disaster fund. SLOF is a partner of Finnish Red Cross.


SLOF team ready to collect funds for Sierra Leone Ebola outbreak on 30th October.

Our relationship with the Finnish Red Cross started in early August 2014. We think this strategic partnership between SLOF ry and Finnish Red Cross will benefit Sierra Leone. “We cannot just leave the work to Finnish Red Cross alone but Sierra Leoneans in Finland should join hands and work with the Red Cross in helping raising funds in eradicating Ebola in our country”, said SLOF Chairman Mr. John Bairoh at SLOF information meeting held on the 24th October in Helsinki.

After collecting money at Kamppi shopping centre for the Finnish Red Cross, Mr. Franklin Kamara, SLOF General Secretary said: “We are proud to give our time in assisting raising funds for our own country.” “We have to stand up and do our best in eradicating Ebola in our country in one way or other, and I am proud to come out to shopping mall and collect money with Finnish Red Cross for my country” said Foday Mansaray, Vice Chairman of SLOF. Mr. Ali Mansaray, a Senior Adviser of SLOF said: “I am so proud of myself for what I am doing for my country now and I will come tomorrow and do it again and again collecting funds”.

Finnish Red Cross has built an Ebola Clinic in Kenema, Sierra Leone. They are still running it and supporting it. Few weeks ago Ms. Virpi Teinilä and Ms. Tiina Saarikoski who have been treating Ebola patients in Kenema came back.