SLOF partners with Red Cross Finland

SLOF (Sierra Leone Organization of Finland) is an umbrella association in Finland that looks over the interest of Sierra Leone. His Excellency Edward Turay has given SLOF the authority to launch Ebola campaign on the behalf of Sierra Leone government. SLOF has presented its Letter of Authority to different NGO organizations, including Finnish Red Cross.

SLOF is now working with Finnish Red Cross in raising funds through Nälkapäivä collection. Part of the money collected will used for eradicating Ebola in Sierra Leone. We have asked Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leoneans to participate in Nälkäpäivä. We recognize that as an umbrella association in Finland we need to participate in such projects in raising funds for disaster areas in which Sierra Leone is one of the countries. We will be continuing to partner with Red Cross also in the future.

Please read more about Red Cross activities against Ebola:


SLOF has met Finnish Red Cross representatives (Fundraising Planner & Coordinator) discussing how both associations can work together in raising funds for Sierra Leone Ebola Campaign. Present in this meeting were Ebola Campaign Manager, Chairman and Vice Chairman for SLOF.